Ben Stokes Nominated for the Zealand High civil' award

Ben Stokes Nominated for the Zealand High civil’ award

The All-round Renn Stokes, who played an important role in England’s win in the World Cup 2019 final, has been nominated for ‘New Zealand’s the Year Award’. Ben Stokes had worked hard to England in a cricket World Cup.

He scored 465 runs in the World Cup by 66 for 44, while winning at least 7 wickets. Playing the best performance in the World Cup finals, the Player of the match has been nominated for the nominated Ben-Honors Consolidation’s most prestigious nationalist. Ben Stocks, who joined the England team, belonged to Christchurch Church in New Zealand

. Ben Stocks play with the England cricket team, but his father Gerard Stokes is still in New Zealand. He went to England at the age of 12, he preferred to stay in England. The Chief New Zealand Dollar Award,

explaining Ben Stokes for nomination for the award, said Ben Stokes did not play by New Zealand but he was born in New Zealand’s Crystal Church, so he was nominated for this award.

Can Williamson score 578 runs in the World Cup 11 matches, one of the highest runs in any World Cup by any captain, and also Williamson Player of Tournament.

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