The impact of Pak-India tension was also occurring on PSL, what instructions did PCB issue in emergency? The wave of concern in cricket fans

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Due to India’s political tension, it is likely that more than two dozen Indians, who are involved in coverage of Pakistan Super League, will not be able to travel for Karachi and Lahore. It also includes other technical personnel including Cameron, Director and producer. According to the Daily Jung, the PCB has directed Pakistan crew to be ready under Planning B. Media Director, of PCB Sami Al-Hasan said, that decesion on this will be made by consulting experts. We are constantly looking at the situation and

The situation is being Over viewed. According to the program, The crew will go to Pakistan, but in case of unusual situation, PCB has an alternative plan. The coverage of eight matches in Pakistan is likely to affect the quality of the Matches. The PCB has been serving an Indian company for the coverage of PSL and that is why majority of the people in the cave are Indian citizens. Sources say that Pakistani visas are being acquired from Dubai. However, Crew says that if we ignore the direction of the Foreign Office, we traveled to Pakistan, we would have difficulty on returning home. The PCB had served two different crews for matches of Lahore and Karachi. Sources said that now it is trying to get the services of Pakistani crew.

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